Friday, 9 September 2011


Islam- at it`s inception was such a beautiful religion which has been distorted && torn into pieces of sects, believes , disbelieves && tenaciousness-

sometimes i wonder who these `Muslims` are who have made this religion a most difficult path to follow-
i wonder since when have my life become their subject??

i happened to attend a dars a month or two back-
now the lady who was takin the classes asked all of the audience at last day that would you people come if we call you once a  month for the re-enforcement-
they all were like yes of course it`s neither difficult nor an impossible demand-

now till here it was reasonable-

then came in the typical mulla-dumbheadedness(no -offence anyone)
from there she adopted a voice with a tinge  of sarcasm to add to the hues of here beauty speeech *rolls-eyes*
she said : okay then you all are agreeing then if you wont come you would be answerable to God then no matter if you are ill or busy or even attendin your own (damn) wedding =/

like WTH maaaan 
God is soooo beautiful && kind && beneficent-
why are you depicting such a face of God that does not exist-
sayin yes we`ll come is not a pledge -
He`ll not come down on earth && starngle you for not comin=c
He loves us more than 70 mothers-
&& this happens many a times i tell my mom i`d visit you today but i dun *ma` this happened that happened*
&& she understands so do you think God will be cruel to you even when it`s not a wajib amal- it`s not a namaz or roza .

God is beautiful && lovessssss us

there are thousandsssssssss of examples how they are portrayin our very own Islam as somethin cruel-
okay fine you guys do perfect pardah- 
you rush over to masjid for every namaz
you meditate- you show your love to Quran
sure sure you`ll get all the reward- you`ll rest on those silk pillows in Jannah- but how would you be answerable to God for the human hearts you break???
Can God forgive that??

what would you do dear mulla aunty if i die today- how would you seek forgiveness from me for the sting you put in my heart when you said *how do you know* in your aweful astonished fashion-
if you have forgotten that was when i told you the name of Surah you forgot in your lecture-
yes it was hurting and painful for me as if I am not a Muslim && that i dun know what Quran is-

&& it`s not even the matter of my diein lol you dun know the hurt you`ve inflicted- not once but several times so you wont ever apologize for it-
then what will become of you ? 

Islam is not cruel so stop makin fuss of it
stop makin people afraid of God-
you are not answerable for anyone but your deeds-

yesterday i was skypin with my sister in law(australlia) when she told me that they were strollin in a mart when her son`s(4yrs) foot entangled in his bicycle && was not comin out so she dialled emergency &&  a firebrigade rescue 15 && an ambulance reached there within five minutes && my heart wept for all those Muslims who are not ` any nationals` -
are they not human beings???
 are they not entitled to privileged livin??

ps: no one answered me in the previous post as to who was the first blogger ever to make a blog?
pps: i think i am openin up to blogger- which i *thought* was pretty much difficult=s


  1. Allah may forgive his own rights if violated but he won't forgive us for violating human rights, unless wwe seek for forgiveness from the humans. people have forgotten that.... its sorrowful and pitiful.

  2. awww this was well written and yes you are right..I have attented such durs too..couldnt go again..Allah is very Kind..HE is not somebody with a stick in HIS hand all the time..and HE is not there to beat us up..these are mis-interpretations...One should discover HIM within his/her heart and Once you are connected..You will never like to lose the Line again...loved this post..keep writing more:-)

  3. butterfly effect- yea. =)
    mish- thank you =)&& exactly!

  4. this reminds me of the stern nuns in catholic school. :(

  5. ah...yes there are these kind of people...but one must not consider these as the representatives of God, ... Allah has made islam very easy for humans so that everyone can follow it...but alas...some people are trying their best to make it so difficult..

  6. Islam is still a beautiful religion , it always will be .. Pity is some are doing everything ot tarnish the image.

    No religion teaches to kill INNOCENT people, The people who are going the wrong way about it .. I hope they realise it, that god loves all ..