Thursday, 8 September 2011

who was the first blogger.. EVER?

i love autumn-
just the feeling of autumn makes me go all giddy inside-
the sound of breaking twigs && the autumn leaves -OMG-

i love the blogs which dun have that word verification thing whenever you comment-
i used to love the blogs which didnt have the owner approval for comments - before i had to acctivate it on mine =p
 i was getting `hate comments` i mean why lol why do you people read it if you have to put up dirty remarks- duh-
neways- i love the adorable followers, you guys are always sweet =) <3

there`s this weird thing with me that when i follow a blog i dun know why i just cant bear to read the postings prior to my joinin but i enjoyyyyyyyyy readin the post follow-in posts =p lol *is it only with me*??

the drafts page of blogger`s new interface resembles that of[link]  
sooooooo much-
btw i`m lovin readin this site 
hahahaha this is nice-
the guy has no expressions whatsoever-
&& the lady who let her speak was sooo hapy- lol-

my heart aches for <3 pakistan <3 =ccc


  1. i hate word verification ...especially when i am using my mob for commenting...but probably bloggers dont care or may be they have no idea it can be removed :)