Sunday, 12 August 2012

khudai fojdar

for alll those self(ly) called pious and themselves(ly) labeled blessed people go correct yourselves first and go start learning the deen from the scratch. go find some mulla and learn about hakook ul ibad and go find some scholar who may teach you the situations where and how. much are you supposed to amr bil maroof... go get burned in your rotten pride and waste all your deeds - if any - while you trample the hearts


  1. Exactly. Learn first, teach next.

  2. They will never bother learning anything who firmly believe that they know each and every thing regarding religion at the least. They believe that they are the most pious creatures that ever walked on earth. They know, they implement, they spread the word of Allah. They can also make additions to the religion whenever required as the divine revelation hasn't been discontinued.
    Love you sister!