Thursday, 26 July 2012

No One Tells Me:-(

That who was the first blogger? Btw its cute how punctuation marks describe the relationships...maybe status like umm.... Fullstop is obviously an 'its over' statement. comma suggests 'lets take a break' i think sometimes a comma prevents the period mark in life. then apostrophe may declare ' i belong to u' lol.. i am your apostrophe hehe or we are an apostrophe to each other .. lol sounds funny... then there is that hyphen ... it seems to show an enforced relationship.. elipses...oooo its my fav. i think it says ' we will go on forever.. <3 ' forever together.. *inserts dreamy look* slash is a villlain :-/ questionmark.. staying together inspite of differences umm like loving nd hating at the same time? you guys can give your own interpretation. it would be fun to see so many different views. & you guys can also write a guest post on my blog about this....


  1. You been thinking a lot it seeems

    and no i dont know who was the first blogger :)


  2. Heyy.
    The one who leaves me breathless lied to me and cheated on me.
    That's why I was really, really sad these last few months and now I'm moving on.