Monday, 2 July 2012


even the brightest crimson lip polish did not hide the storm behind her dark eyes. the deepest shade of red in that gold- emblazoned summer dress could not hide the rupture of her heart. " i have to leave here. for good." yes, her voice shook. He took a slight notice. teary eyed she saw his long lean self leaving the room in a few quick strides. His family scrutinized her entire self with that trademark grin in eyes & sympathy dialects aimed directly at her loss. she almost ran out of the appartment to the nearest green patch. falling down she let herself loose. shaking harder & harder as she cried her heart out on his heartlessness. "at least you could have said a decent goodbye" she , either murmered or self tallked, she was not sure as she continued jolting with an unbearabble pain. " your ruthlessness killls me several times a day and night. i still remember when Her heart twisted so hard with pain as his scent wafted through her senses. She wanted to die , for she could not breath. "hello oxygen" had been their goodbye since .... since ever. She melted , her tears pouring like rain , as she felt the comfort of his fAmiliar strong hands on her aching shoulders. the security. the love. the... love love love. she inhaled deeply. basking in deeeply . oh the tricks. now her own senses were playing tricks on her. "i had yet to pack sweety & since when did we become I ? you didnt even pack for me. How do I live without you. All i was left with was a worse half" he grinned. His voice. BLISS. later that night cuddled & rested at his soothing chest she slept to his heavenly words that may echo till eternity & engrave at their graves when they lay rested holding hands and love all around and angels to protect the love. love is the end.


  1. hmmmmmmmmmm although i am not much into LOVE..
    but good story .. and love always is good in the end :)