Sunday, 9 October 2011


what is this thing with trust-?
1. you dun trust someone you destroy your entireeeee relation
2. you trust someone , you prove to be the biggest fool on this earth-

what the hell is trust?
1. you keep up a strict check or argue,  you destroy your entireeeee relation, when you doubt somethin.
2. you try to absorb, remain quiet, try to be patient, you prove to be the biggest fool on this earth-

&& what is the species female made up of????
there's this friend of mine who is being continually betrayed by that ^#&@%$&^*)(@ boyfriend of hers , yet she is duin absolutely nothin =/

i mean when she argues the dumass gives the breakup call && she dies inside && the stupid stupid woman begs him && apologizes, i mean it's not even her fault- he is openly having a relationship with 2 more girls(other than her) && she's just toleratin as if it will make her feel like a martyr.. this is no love seriously.

she thinks he'll improve if she'll stay shut && keep on lovin him the way he is, && he - omg- the bastard lays eyes && hands on every woman - how disgusting.
takes full advantage of her aswell -
&& i think she deserves every heartache just because she is so damn foolish.

like - i dun know , i am sooooooooooo sad for her-
what should i do =c
she wopnt wont just wont listen -
what will become of her ? =/


  1. I hate when such things happen. It's just so sad and not at all fair. And i hate it even more when girls act like idiots like how you your friend is behaving currently. :(

  2. sad for her..i think she deserves a better one :/

    and ur blog is all pink :D

  3. I feel so sorry for her :(
    She should get rid of him. She will be hurt badly, though..

    And she gets hurt anyway.

  4. i think ur friend is having one sided love... and the boy is not serious and just searching for excuse to end the is better not to have a relation than to have one which is nothing but constant cheating and agony...its difficult to leave someone one loves but... :(

  5. world is becoming i dont know what .. dont know whats going to happen..
    sad sad when it happens ..

    weird people around these days who jsut use u and break the trust all the time ..


  6. I feel sorry for her .. =(
    sigh .

  7. Sometimes we place trust in a person who doesn't really love us back. Ihave this experience of giving someone love unconditionally, expecting much in return and getting nothing back. Maybe your friend is going through the same, and its very difficult to get over someone who you liked/ loved very insanely at a point of time. If he's cheating, two timing though, ask her to kick him in the butt NOW!