Friday, 16 September 2011

of him & her 2.....

someone up there was smiling at the two dark & sinister pages -
while the angels weaved the picture of their life HE silently took away the black thread-

`it was rainin - continuously
omg the bliss of rain- 
it was seeping inside her heart-
some one sure is looking after her
either things have started falling to the place or she was-
she was actually seeing colors-
those lavender flowers amidst the green green leaves-
red leaves hidden among those fresh greens
she could feel how happy the soil was -
yes she could see the amazing violets && pinks, fuchsias  in the feel of that embrace-
she could see the reds && oranges of wild wild passions in those arms , tightly wounded around her
she could see the deep burgundy && maroon in the way they`d snuggle-
yes ...
the grey grey ashes were blown away by the stronger breezes taking charge of her life
yes all the blacks were sidelined as he brought in the fluorescent hues of his love && care- `

her face was glowing with zeal & ardor. She smiled facing upwards, gratitude radiating from her every pore.

`he was overwhelmed , for himself or may be for themselves,
still confused && lacking understanding but there was something,
some sort of burden being lifted off 
or maybe it was her radiance
her smile
her contagious laughters 
that were unsettling him-
may be those sparky eyes were lighting his path , showing way away from the darkness.
but he could not or may be would not open himself
may be their life would stay that way-
full of love but lacking understanding
full of joys of togetherness but parted by strong walls built around their brain
she meant the world to him but their was some blockage, she wont open her mind & heart to him-
she`d keep her thoughts tightly protected-
he was her life yet he won`t think aloud
he kept his mind & heart blocked-
they were two souls in one body yet apart-
love that was so intense that it seeped in their lives ,wiped away the tears && crept past the walls & hurdles to settle deep inside the hearts, snug & satisfied.`

The tears made their way to that tender spot at the left of his chest.
His heart ached for all those lost moments....
Yet his lips curved into a deep , contented smile as he thanked the `Good ol` fellow` watching after hi-them

`quick , quick , quick....flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy` her laughter was still vivid ,like the melody of his heartbeat.
Her eyes so full of mischief as she closed the door, unaware of half of her clothes still hanging out
`runnnnnnnn` was what her heavenly lips would form with that bewitching laughter....
every time........