Wednesday, 28 September 2011

aray haan

what i had in mind was to share this poem i received in a text message =p
awww it is so touching & ....

around the corner i have a friend
in this city that has no end
the days go by & weeks rush on
& before i know a year has gone 

i never see my old friend's face
for life now has swift pace
he knows i like him just as well
as in the days when i rang his bell

in times when we were younger when
but now we are busy tired men
tired of playing a foolish game
tired of trying to make a name

tomorrow i say i'll call on him
just to show that i am thinking of him
but tomorrow comes & goes
& distance between us grows & grows

around the corner, yet miles away
here's a telegram: sir he died today
that's what we get & deserve in the end
around the corner, A VANISHED FRIEND....


  1. haina? i got it years ago, from my best friend, when i moved to pindi from multan. i literally wept. its just beautiful :)

  2. ah..i think i send this to you :P
    beautiful..i wish i never receive it because i dont want to part with my friends :)

  3. lol then y r u wishin to send it to me =p

  4. hahaha..i just thought may be i sent it.. dont remember :P

  5. kher you can send it back to me if you dont like it :P

  6. ouch.

    do we only know how someone can mean so much when they're gone?


  7. touching but yet so full of emotion.

    A lovely blog Fatima, just as lovely as your name :)

    The PostMan

  8. So touching but yet full of emotion.

    A lovley blog Fatima

    The PostMan