Wednesday, 10 August 2011

of sacrifice && big hearts

today i was just lazing around when my maid`s daughter (who has just passed her matriculation) came running to me 
` mujey buhattt zore say current para eh- bazu & tango may dard b shuru hogya eh`

i had no idea what to do=/
 i told her to put her hands on earth & rubbed her a bit-
 not knowing what else to do i told her to go & send her sister over to finish up the chores.

she replied everything is done but that the fridge needs to be powered on-
i went over to inspect it- 
i said okay u go i`ll do it with some cloth etc-
i was about to touch it with my dupatta when she at-once cried out
` nai nai ap na karen mein kerti hun`

i was so overwhelmingly touched
how can mere financial status define or mark the importance of human lives????
did she think of herself as less valuable -

anyway, the brave little girlie plugged it in-
to my utter disappointment: i did not step in for her, although i could see that, her clothes were still wet from washing the floors,i knew she was victimized a few minutes back & might be terrified this time or that she is way younger than me 
i am selfish-

may be that is what poverty do- distinguish between selfishness && selflessness 
                                                                            or bravery && cowardice 
i am still touched by her sacrifice may God shower her with his mercy & forgiveness
                                                                                               && eternal bounties - amen


  1. That is sad reality. In our society everything is built on status and money, we judge people on what they have instead of their character, sincerity and their piety. May Allah change all of us.