Monday, 29 August 2011

embarrassing moment #1 ;)

I think if the embarrasing moments would go `on air` =p then atleast they`d be off my mind ;)

okay they are not in sequel but jus random moments which left me ---->

a day or 2 back i had to attend an aftari somewhere-
the host`s daughter shares the name with me && her in-laws whom i happen to know too well were also invited-
so her mother in law was showerin her love n affection over me =/ at the dinner && * i was flattered*=p
okay so we were havin the dinner except for the hosts|( it was a big gatherin so they were busy)
some aunty asked the above mentioned mother in law to have food (although she was havin it already && in good amount)- and she was like

* oh nooo i cannot eat without my fatima- *

i being a big big big infact a super fool instantly uttered

*no no aunty-i`m havin food , you carry on please!!! *

&& she stared at me as if i`ve said somethin weird

 you guys can never imagine the extent of the shame i felt when i realized she was talkin about HER GODDAMNED Fatima-
---> not that i`ve learned the lesson ;)

please feel free to share your lot =)

I`d be sharin more of `em with you guys =p
God forbid =p


  1. hahhaha..gosh it happened to me too but in a different scenario :P:P

    but i was really embarrassed :P

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