Wednesday, 27 July 2011

epic sweetness

today a 7-years old was sitting with me telllin me about her certain wish- the way she asked God for it, God might have came on earth to grant her- Godpleaseforgivemeifisaidsomthinwrongamen-

girl *aj jab barish ho rai ti na tou meney apnay abu k lyeyy bht dua ki ti-

me *wah- woh IA jaldi say teeek hujaein gay- dun worry.mwah

girl *mujey pata eh- q k jab barish ho rai ti na tou meney *dua action* aisay dua ki *swept hand over face*aisay ameeen keya or pir usi barish k pani pay na aisay sajday may gir gai-

me *speechless- 

7 years old-